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With over 50 years experience, Brenner’s Sanitary is certified in Septic Tank Cleaning, Real Estate Septic Inspections and Aerator Maintenance Contracts.

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Brenner's Sanitary Tip Of The Month

Be mindful to never flush or rinse any of these items into your septic tank!

Never Flush These Items!

Medicine, oils, bleach, feminine products and wipes of any kind.
Follow these steps and your septic tank should stay happy and healthy!


Family owned and operated Brenner’s Sanitary is a septic tank cleaning company for residential and commercial customers in the Wayne, Holmes and Ashland Counties. We are fully licensed, bonded, and certified for your protection.

For more than 50 years, we have cleaned and repaired septic tanks. We also offer real estate septic inspections for septic tanks, leach fields, leach wells and distribution boxes. As an endorsed Service Provider, we offer Aerator Maintenance Contracts.

Brenner’s Sanitary is committed to providing you with honest, reliable, expert services.